I have a degree in graphic design but my focus is in illustration. I specialize in portraiture influenced by japanese culture, video games and fantasy.

Why do I draw?

I want to make people happy by bringing their characters to life because I have always wanted to help people with my art. Let’s develop your beloved character together!

I like to create characters, to think a story through for them, a personality and a universe in which they could live. I don’t pretend to be the next Tolkien but I have accumulated ideas over time that I need to draw. I will be very happy if the community appreciates my atypical characters. For me, creating characters used to be an activity frowned upon by the everyday person, and being able to draw allows me to pride this part of me and share it with those who want me to.

As of today, drawing has helped me work on my mental hygiene and allowed me to express myself. That’s why I try to illustrate emotions with personal pieces, for me and for those who may feel the same.